Welcome to Gallery, home of student literary & arts magazine at UTRGV!

Gallery 2023 can now be picked up free of charge in the ELABS south lobby at the Edinburg campus, as well as the Grid Cafe at the Brownsville Campus across from the library.  The Art Annex Lobby should also have some in the entrance way.  

We are now considering early submissions for Gallery 2024 and all majors are welcome to submit! Final Deadline around spring break (3/10/24), but submit early.   Galley is looking for: poems, fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, criticism, short plays, drawings, comics, Spanish works, paintings, and photographs for publication. Please submit no more than ten works for consideration in each genre.

 PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME OR INFORMATION ON THE WORK ITSELF. Gallery reads the works "blind" in order to critique them fairly. You will add your information as you create your account. When it asks for a Cover letter, for us that just means a brief bio for contributor's notes. We hope you take this opportunity in time to give us some biographical facts about you (major and such) and info on your work, how it was made. Artists, we often list the size and medium next to your work(s) so please mention them. We may use these facts in the contributor's notes.  You may not want a bio included, and that is okay.  We will not include one.  Some may want a pen name or to have their entry anonymous.  Groovy.  

We will notify you of your work's status late during the Spring semester after your fellow students have carefully reviewed your submissions and made their editorial decisions. We are especially pleased that you have chosen Gallery as the venue to future showcase your work(s) and would sincerely like to thank you for your patience.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please contact Dr. Haraway at britt.haraway@utrgv.edu or message us at https://www.facebook.com/galleryutrgv/

General Submission